Gonnason Boats Detailing

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  • Wash
  • Buff
  • Wax


  • Take everything that is removable out of the boat
  • Wash the interior with hot water and soap
  • Vacuum all water out of carpet and dry inside of the boat
  • Spot Check everything
  • Wipe everything back down
  • Condition the vinyl
  • Steam clean carpets

Shrink Wrapping

Shrink Wrapping at only $20.00 a foot it is well worth the investment.

When the time comes to put boats  into storage, it’s important for the job to be done effectively and with the best materials possible. Gonnasons premium shrinkwrap and installation accessories enable owners to protect their assets and ensure they’re in good condition when taken out next season.

Offering superior protection from snow, ice, rain and dirt, Gonnasons shrinkwrap is constructed from 100% virgin resin. Completely waterproof, it contains UV inhibitors and can be sealed around entire units. This shrinkwrap won’t crack and can withstand temperatures as low as -50°F. Unlike tarps that can move and chafe during transit, shrinkwrap won’t scratch a boat or RV’s surface. Also unlike dirty tarps, it can be easily ventilated to prevent mold and mildew growth from forming under the cover. Doors are offered so owners can perform maintenance or simply gain access to their asset.

Even before wrapping the unit, a solid support structure must be erected to ensure the best protection. 2×4 uprights used to keep covers up can fall over or slide around, allowing water, snow or ice to pool during storage and cause damage. Gonnasons end caps, bottom caps and strapping create a structure that withstands heavy rain or snowfall.

Gonnasons offers installation, applying the wrap, using the heat shrink tool, venting and repairing holes.

Shrink wrapping in the fall will also save you on detailing in the spring, at only $20.00 a foot it is well worth the investment. (253) 852-5336

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