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Crest Pontoons by Crest Seattle

It’s the water calling out to you, beckoning you home. Whether it’s the smallest lake or the largest ocean, water is what defines us, sustains us, makes us who we are. Crest Marine has answered that call since 1957. We grew up on the waterways of Michigan — building, innovating and perfecting our designs to bring you unmatched style, comfort and luxury, and the fastest pontoons on the water. We answer the call by designing, engineering and building from scratch virtually every component that goes into our boats — from precision machining to welding, to the handstitched upholstery and our fiberglass helm stands we craft one at a time. Whether it’s the stillness of a quiet lake or the possibilities of a giant ocean, the water is calling. So, let’s get out there and answer the call together.

Northwest Water Sports and Gonnason Boats

Gonnason Boats has partnered together with Northwest Water Sports (Crest Seattle) to bring Crest Pontoon Boats to the Gonnason Boats store. Northwest Water Sports has been in the boating world for over 12 years, partnering together helps combine for decades of boat sales and service experience. Crest Pontoons were recently purchased by MasterCraft Boat Holdings Company and are a premium pontoon brand delivering high quality pontoons with outstanding performance. Northwest Water Sports prides itself on offering customers a unique experience that helps them choose the best boat to meet your needs – wakeboard, wake surf or waterski. We go above and beyond when it comes to placing our clients needs first. They are ranked in the top ten for both customer satisfaction and boat sales year after year.

The new generation of boats are loaded with features to make boating with the family easier and more enjoyable than ever. Boating is one of the best ways to enjoy the outdoors with your family and friends, and offers a multitude of activities that everyone can enjoy. If you’re ready to upgrade your next summer with a boat today, or you’re considering a boat in the future; read the 2016 Smart boat buying guide to get the most out of your purchase.

1. Extend your Dock

Socialites will love the ability to take the party from the dock to the water seamlessly. The Exclusive Crest Comfort Collection brings the comfort of your favorite furniture to the boat, while the built-in coolers and Captains Cooled Cup Holder keep your drinks at just the right temperature. Plus, a party wouldn’t be complete without music. That’s why Crest offers a variety of Fusion Audio options for you to pair with your party. And if that doesn’t wow your guests, flip on the optional RGB lights to keep the good times rolling through the night.

2. Minimum Maintenance

If we’re being honest, boats can sometimes be a pain to maintain. But that doesn’t have to always be the case. Pontoons require very little maintenance in part to their outboard motors and simple construction. You have no ballasts to drain, bilges to clean, software to update and outboard motors are ideal for brackish/saltwater conditions. Equip your Crest with the optional Saltwater Shield and your maintenance is reduced even more so. All-in-all, if low maintenance is a priority for you, it might be worth giving Crest Pontoons a look.

3. Slap on the Skis/Boards

As we’ve already discussed, Crest Pontoons are about performance, and that includes taking care of those looking for adventures behind the boat. Any Crest can be paired with a powder-coated aluminum tow bar to keep the water sports enthusiasts in your life coming back for more. And endless storage options guarantee all your gear is neatly tucked away when the thrills wind down for the evening.

4. Performance Exceeds Expectation.

Long gone are the days of dull performing floating platforms, intended to merely putts around the lake. Crest Pontoons are exhilarating performance boats capable of keeping up with some of the most elite runabouts on your lake. A shining example of this performance is showcased in Crest’s CP3 hull (standard on the Caribbean RS, Caribbean Platinum, Continental and Savannah). Designed with two 25” diameter outside tubes with lifting strakes, and a third 26″ diameter center tube with lifting strakes, the CP3 hull takes on the characteristics of a traditional “V” hull, giving it unmatched performance, maneuverability and ride quality. Put the throttle down and feel stuck to your seat as the boat banks into turns effortlessly, then straighten it out for a dry, smooth ride courtesy of the tri-toon design. And for those looking for a traditional sport boat look and feel, a full walk-through window comes standard on the Continental series. Crest pontoons truly blur the lines between pontoon and runabout.

5. One for Everyone

Here’s where Crest really separates itself from the rest of the boating industry. Crest has a product to match the needs of virtually any family of boaters. If simple functionality is what you’re after, then look no further than the Classic LX. Maybe you like additional creature comforts? The Classic Platinum or Caribbean LX might be what you desire. Or, for those looking for a boat as bold as their personality, the Continental and Savannah series will match well. From small to large, budget-friendly to “what budget?”, casual cruiser to captain of the sea, Crest has an option for you.


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